Issue № 3(9)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2017. – № 3(9). – 128 c.

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Andryukhin A.I. Probabilistic automata and asynchrony.

Anopriyenko A. Generalizations of Moore's Law.

Babich K.., Sekirin A., Novikov D. Subsystem for optimizing the operation of flexible production systems using multicriteria genetic algorithms. .

Belkov D.V. Methods and computer structures for optimization of file allocation in the computer networks.

Bodnar A.V., Nikolaenko D.V. Fuzzy Logic Model in the Functional Algorithm of Information Management and Enterprise Communications.

Gulyaev V.A., Orlov J. C. Application of decision criteria and game theory in economic index management of a metallurgical facility.

A.A. Dvoykin, M.V. Privalov, A.I.Voronova. Architecture and distributed medical image processing scenarios of the Web-oriented PACS.

Dyachenko O. N., Zinchenko Y.E., Dyachenko V. O. Application of methods of antinoise coding for compact testing of digital circuits.

Zinchenko Y. E., V.S. Lench, T.A. Zinchenko, V.N. Pavlysh. Simulation of peripheral devices in the system of remote access to FPGA-complexes.

Ivanitsa S. Designing of computer components for realization of tetralogic operations.

Iskra O.A. Model of Decision-Making Support for a Mobile Application Life Cycle Management .

Malcheva R.V., Zavadskaya T.V., Kudoyar V.I. An investigation of a graphical system with a vertical architecture for searching for intersection of a ray with a group of polygonal objects.

Martynenko T.V., Shcherbakov A.A., Bodnar B.V. Analysis recognizing methods of the emotional state of a person to detect abnormal behavior in video analytics systems.

Matiakh I.V., Savkova E.O., Chengar O.V. Investigation of the problem of choosing a minimum set of services for expanding the activity of an enterprise using the example of an Internet provider.

Minenko A. S., Radevich E. V. Approximate analysis of convective Stefan problem.

Olshevsky A.I. Training system for working with container classes. mixing in limited area.

Svetlichnaya V.A., Andrievskaya N.K., Chalenko K.Y. Development of the functional structure of the logistics system of formation of orders for the online store.

Tarasova Irina, Reznikova Galina. Development of the system of control and monitoring the state of labor protection and industrial safety in coal-mining enterprises.