Issue № 2(8)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2017. – № 2(8). – 127 c.

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Andruсkin A.I., Marchenko V.S. Computer research and forecast of quasiperiodic series

Belkov D.V., Edemskaya E.N. Research of UDP-traffic in the Matlab Wavelet Toolbox.

Bulanov S.G., Ilyuhin A.A. The stability analysis of nonlinear differential equations systems based on linearization and multiplicative transformations of difference schemes. .

Vanzha T.V., Orlov J.K. The analysis of economic risks of the mining company by the method of the structured quantitative analysis.

Zviagintseva A.V. The social objects state models construction on the indicative events analysis basis

Kozhevnikov A.V., Kozhevnikova I.A., Bolobanova N.L. Mathematical modeling of cold rolling process in conditions of nonstationarity and stochasticity of technological parameters.

Minkov O.V, Ruchkin K.A. Development of an algorithm for recognizing complex overlapping geometric objects.

Nitsenko A.V., Shelepov V.Ju. About DTW-algorithm capabilities for speech recognition.

Rumyantsev V.V., Tsvetkova E.V. Computer simulation of process of an extract of a detail of the "body" type from flat workpiece.

Slozhenitsyn A.V., Zemlyansky S.Y. Data analysis for computerized forecasting of the crime level. .

Tarabayeva I.V. The mathematical modeling of speed distribution of quick-sand material particles during mixing in limited area.

Fedyaev O.I. Neural network models of a multi-agent system for forecasting students' residual knowledge.

Харитонов А.Ю., Бирюков А.Б., Пересекин А.В., Барков С.П. Математическое моделирование процесса футеровки печи в среде LabVIEW.

Shirokov D.V. On ideals of semirings of continuous non-negative functions with max-addition.