Issue № 1(7)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2017. – № 1(7). – 98 c.

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Aleksandrova O. V. The interconnection of symmetries of Ito stochastic differential equation and corresponding to him Fokker - Planck equation

Andruckin A.I. Consciousness, feedback and negative reflexive Boolean functions

Andryukhin A.I. Poletaev V.A. Reflexive reference and analysis of quines .

Artemenko V.A., Andryukhin A.I. Complex extensions and analysis of the properties of fractal mappings

Grigoriev A.V. The complex of means and methods of working with a formal grammar in semiotic conceptual domain model of intelligent CAD. "Programming for Android".

Minenko A. S., Radevich E. V. Numerical modeling of the crystallization process

M. D. Safonov, D. D. Novikov, M.V. Privalov. Methods of surface building by CT images for creation of the maxillofacial skeleton model using 3D printing

Fedorov M.M., Maleev D.M., Reznikov I.A. Fedorov M.M., Maleev D.M., Reznikov I.A. Modeling of dynamics of a thermal condition of windings at manufacture of electric motors

Filer Z.E. 100 years to my teacher