Issue № 4(6)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2016. – № 4(6). – 74 c.

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Andruckin A.I. Reflexive Boolean functions.

Belkov D.V., Edemskay E.N. Analysis of UDP-traffic.

Borota A.V., Borota A.A., Kukhto A.P., Baziyan-Kukhto N.K., Fedyaev O.I., Bakalenko V.S. Development of information medical records system of the abdominal cavity of patients.

Vinogradov G.P., Vinogradova N.G. Decision making in systems with the subjective form of understanding of interests and ideas about a situation of choice. .

Zemlyansky S.Y., Slozhenitsyn A.V., Andrievskaya N.K. Model structure for the people group behavior forecasting.

Kolomoitseva I.A., Zavadskaja T.V. Information Search Features in metasearch GRID-system "Programming for Android".

Kostyuk A.I., Lebedeva E.O. Information system for accounting staff of the organization.

Medgaus Sergey, Chernyshova Alla. Program realization obfuscating algorithms of JavaScript source code.

Minenko A.S. Information Technology in the Modeling and Recognition of human face by his facial photos.

Morozova O.V. Response Mechanism of intellectual shell of knowledge modules.

Pirskaya L.V., Kravchenko P.P. Research on use delta-transformations to determine the position of unmanned aircraft.

Fedyaev O. Formal verification cycle programs. .

Filer Z.E., Andruckin A.I. Computer investigation and visualization of vibrational dynamics of systems in complex form.

Cherkasov. V.A., Azarov V.N. Electronic education e-learning.

Shestakov V.K. Automatic ontology-based generation of Wiki-system structure.