Issue № 3(5)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2016. – № 3(5). – 74 c.

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Andryukhin A.I. Interval estimation of parameters of chaotic chips thresholds.

Anokhina I.Y. Development of a scoring model using logistic regression and ROC methods - analysis.

Belkov D.V., Edemskay E.N. The traffic formed system based self-organized criticality.

Belkov D.V., Edemskaya E.N. The statistical analysis of the traffic traces for wireless network .

Vinogradov G.P., Kuznecov V.N. Consistent optimization in control problems of the evolution of knowledge-intensive enterprises.

Dorodnykh N.O., Yurin A.Yu. Building the rule knowledge bases on the basis of UML models.

Kuznetsov P., Judin A., Maslo S., Kliukovkin V.. Mathematical analysis of appearance probability of blackouts.

Levchenko D., Svitlychna V., Babich K. Development of the risk-based simulation model to analyze dynamics of the income and consumption of raw materials.

Malcheva R.V.,Zavadskaya T.V. Simulation of the internal operations of the processing elements.

Skorokhod S. V., Kasyanov O. A. The experimental studies of the jpwl tools ability to correct burst errors in a noisy channel when transmitting video in a jpeg 2000 format.

Tolstykh V.K., Pshenichny K.A Numerical simulation and process control of heat transfer in counterflow heat exchangers. .

Tkachev Nickolay, Andryukhin Alexander Designing a C-like general purpose programming language with CTFE capabilities and building a compiler.

Filer Z.E., Andryukhin A.I. Computer calculations and visualization systems stability characteristics: the center-focus problem and analytical functions.

Khodich Dima, Zavadskaya Tаnya, Grishenko Viktor. Methods of development of accounting systems of scientific and technical events. .