Issue № 2(4)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2016. – № 2(4). – 74 c.

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Andryukhin A.I., Sudakov S.N.. Computer calculation problem of interaction of two liquid gravitating bodies: the moons of Jupiter

Andruckin A.I., Poletaev V.A. Recursive implementation of dynamic programming problems

Beregovych Yu.V., Orlov Yu.K., Gryn O.V. Development of mathematical model of process of cultivation of mushrooms in a kultivatsionny chamber

G. V. Gorr, A. A. Ilyukhin, A. M. Kovalev. Mathematical aspects of modeling motions of a gyrostat with a fixed point .

K.N. Efimenko .The use of hybrid FPGA for implementing compositional control unit with identification оf outputs

Konopatskiy E.V. Some questions of mathematical and computer modeling in building

Morozova O.V. Analysis of possibilities and disadvantages of technology for building knowledge bases in modern CAD systems

Pavlysh V.N., Tarabayeva S.V., Turchanin G.I. The automatic projecting of enriched coal drying technological schemes

Elena Chepikova, Elena Savkova, Maksim Privalov. Research of recommender systems’ algorithms

Руденко М.П. Инструментальные средства виртуальной реконструкции утраченных памятников архитектуры

Alla Chernyshova,Denis Kubashevskiy. The Copyright Protection Subsystem in the Software .