Issue № 1(3)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2016. – № 1(3). – 105 c.

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Andruckin A.I., Sudakov S.N. Computer progress and problems of celestial mechanics: the historical perspective

Andruckin A.I. Influence of the form and structure of the systems on the accuracy of their research and the efficiency of their operation

Anopriyenko A., Ivanitsa S., Lychagin R. А analysis of modern approaches to the procedures for recognition and face recognition for biometric systems

Bakalenko V., Fedyaev O Bakalenko V., Fedyaev O. Speech interface for intellectualization of computer programs input .

Bardushkin V.V., Kirillov D.A., Shilyaeva Yu.I. Modelling of local elastic characteristics of nanocomposites based on anodic Al2O3 with filamentary pores filled with Cu, Ag and Au

Belkov D.V., Edemskaya E.N. Video Traffic Analysis

E. M. Vechtomov, A. A. Petrov. About congruences on multiplicatively idempotent semirings

Dorokhina G.V. Pavlysh V.N. A method of presenting sets of sequences.

Yegorov A., Chernyshova A. Software system for embedding data inside images using steganographic and cryptographic algorithms

Zviagintseva A.V., Averin G.V. Models and tools for the countries, regions and cities development comprehensive assessment

Information technology in the modeling and recognition of human face by his facial image

Mironenko L.P., Pustovaya Yu.V. Formula lowering natural degree of trigonometric functions in integral calculus.

Rychka O.V. Description and software implementation of data processing methods to improve the accuracy of forecasting

Tarasova I.A.Tarasova I.A. Development of the basic structures of artificial intelligence systems for the implementation of fuzzy control with the usage of membership functions of several arguments .