Issue № 2

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2015. – № 2. – 104 c.

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Andruckin A.I. Diagnosis of digital circuits: the stages of development and problems

Anokhina I.Yu. Anokhina I.Yu. Verification of the Internet - information.

Д.М. Бочаров, Р.А. СорокинD. Исследование влияния методов выравнивания яркости в задачах выделения геометрических примитивов на фотоизображенииc.

Gubenko N. Ye., Sipakov D.S. Analysis of the features of digital steganography to protect information transmitted via open channels .

, Edemskaya E.N.,Belkov D.V. Network traffic research by the Hurst functionN

Zemlyansky S. Y., Krayniy D. S. The invention as a method of automating the process of learning design techniques in semiotic CAD model.

Ivanova I. I., Zemlyansky S. Y. Comparative analysis of methods of vacuum arc spraying quality assessing.

Karabchevsky V.V.. volume modeling for task solution in “computer graphics” course.

Karabchevskiy V., Luntovskaya A. Realistic precipitation visualization in real-time applications.

Irina Matyah, Elena Savkova, The correlation Analysis of methods for determination of considerable weight coefficients in system which estimates social and economic indexes of the enterprise's development.

Malcheva R.V., Kryvoshyev S.V., Zavadskaya T.V. Development of the vehicles simulation with the use of Android operating system .

Privalov M., Szabo Z., Bazko A., Jaws separation algorithm for recognition of panoramic dental images.

T.Moskaluk A.Kharitonov.. Usage of robotic system based on "Lego NXT" for automation of creation of digital catalogue of mineralogical museum of DonNTU..

V. Svetlichnaya1, O.Chengar2 , K. Zuy1DSS-distribution management system for starting points of sale. .

Pavlysh V.N.,Anokhina I.Yu,Roschina E.V. Creation of electronic books.