Issue № 1(11)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2018. – № 1(11). – 110 c.

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Aydagulov R.R. The efficiency of computation in matrix multiplication.

Bakalenko V.S. Development of a speech recognition of the source code of programs in the CMU Sphinx tool environment. .

Belkov D.V., Edemskay E.N. Fractal analysis of speech signals.

Vorobuev L.O., Chernyshova A.V. Protecting a web resource from unauthorized access using an authentication method without the need to enter personal data.

Dotsenko G.V. The technique of research of safety of functioning of systems of electronic commerce by means of mathematical modeling.

Dyachenko V.O., Dyachenko O. N. Complex evaluation of compact testing of digital circuits based on minimal polynomials.

Zenzerov V.I., Perinska E.V. Mathematical modeling of the powered roof supports on sloping coal layers.

Kozhukhov I.B., Pryanichnikov A.M. On congruences of acts over rectangular bands.

Kozlova I. A. Application of polynomials of best uniform approximation in the evaluation and analysis of economic phenomena.

Korobov M.S., Petrikov A.O. Continued partial operations in universal algebras.

Kusov V. M., Shchuchkin N. A. Endomorphisms of abelian semicyclic n-ary groups.

Malevanny I.I., Karjakin Т.I. The longitudinal scheme of the method of lines for the numerical approximation of boundary value problems with nonsmooth data for a differential equation of second order of parabolic type.

Minenko A.S., Radevich E.V. Approximate analysis of modeling the process of solidification during electroslag remelting.

Pavlysh E.V. Logic-structural model of influence of innovative component in ensuring regional competitiveness.

Stepovich M.A., Seregina E.V., Polyakov A.N., Lyamina O.I. On the use of the Galerkin method for mathematical modeling of diffusion of excitons caused by a pulsing electron beam in a semiconductor target.