Issue № 4(10)

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2017. – № 4(10). – 92 c.

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Andryukhin A.I. Reflective representations

Andryukhin A.I., Novikov E.T. Computer Problem Solving. Associative search and reflexive output in cognitive systems based on SQL and NoSQL DBMS.I.

Artemenko VA, Andryukhin A.I.,Filer C.E. Computer estimates of the characteristics of multidimensional operations and objects. II. .

Belkov D.V. File allocation algorithms in computer networks.

Efimenko K.N. Efimenko K.N. Optimization of the compositional control unit with optimum addressing microinstractions.

Helen Kazakova, Аnna Kolomytseva. Model basis the assessment of interaction risk in architecture affiliate network.

Lesnov E.V., Andryukhin A.I. A software system for evaluating the quality of tuning a string instrument.

Makogon S.A., Sitnikova O.D. Makogon SA, Sitnikova O.D. Development of software for the formation of optimal routes for fast delivery of goods

Pavlysh V.N., Zenzerov V.I. The investigation of mechanical timbers hydrosystems parameters by mathematical modeling method.

Kharitonov A.Y., Birukov A.B., Aliferenko A.V. , Vasileva A.V. Emulator of diagnostical system of thermal condition of CCM crystallizer in LabVIEW environment.

Chernyshova A.V., Kubashevskiy D.V. The Copyright Protection Subsystem in Software.