Issue № 1

ИНФОРМАТИКА И КИБЕРНЕТИКА. – Д.: ДонНТУ, – 2015. – № 1. – 135 c.

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Anopriyenko A. Main directions of professional training improvement in the field of computer science and technology.

Andruckin A.I. Computer performance evaluation of multidimensional operations and objects. I.

Andruckin A.I.,Pidtynnyi.S.D. CMOS implementation of reflexive systems in probabilistic logic.

Anokhina I.Yu. Comparative analysis of the content management system for distance learning.

Belkov D.V., Edemskaya E.N. Discrete map for traffic simulation

Grigoriev A.V. The invention as a method of automating the process of learning design techniques in semiotic CAD model.

Dobrovolsky Yu.N. Application of test of Fuchs - Kovalevskaya – Painleve for the solution of a model task of a pressure filtration of gas mix in the solid environment (on the example of pneumoprocessing of coal stratum)

Zemlyansky S. Y. Study of the effect of Distributed corporate information system optimizing model parameters influence on the criterion of efficiency

Zvyagintseva A.V. Construction of models for integrated assessment of complex systems based on the phenomenological analysis of the experimental data

Karabchevsky V.V., Rudenko M.P. Automated calculation of functional zoning in the civil buildings design.

Malcheva R.V., Yunis M., Zavadskaya T.V. Control of a color difference to save the image quality in modified ray-tracing algorithm.

V.N. Pavlysh, L.A. Lazebnaya, Ismail Haser Dayeh, E.V. Perinskaya The mathematical modeling and automatic control of pneumohydrodynamic treatment process on underground rock massifs

Fedyaev O., Truhanov T. Analysis of neural network algorithm self-organization of the «neocognitron» in Pattern Recognition.

Kharitonov A. Review of modern accounting and analysis systems of energy consumption

Elkhatib S.A. Image segmentation using combined and exponential particle swarm optimization